Vernis lexington vs. MC pochette accesories


Which one would you prefer?

  1. Vernis lexington in pomme

  2. MC pochette accesories

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which would you rather buy, vernis lexington pouch in pomme or the MC pochette accesories? I already have a MC petite noe, but the MC pochette is cute. I don't have any Vernis piece, but I already have a red epi leather bag. I like a bag for both evening and casual day wear.
  2. I'd get the Pomme Vernis Lexington!
  3. vernis lexington if you also plan to use it in the evenings.:tup:
  4. MC pochette is cute..I have it too.
  5. My vote is for the vernis!!!
  6. I vote for the MC. The pomme lexington is SO pretty, but it really fits very little. If you just want a bag for the bare essentials, then go for the lex, but otherwise, I say MC pochette!
  7. i say vernis!! that way youll have a bit of everything! :smile:
  8. I'd go with the MC pochette, it's larger than the Lex. I can't put as much in my Lex as I can when I use my pochettes.
  9. My vote goes for the MC Pochette.
  10. I like the Vernis Lexington abit more because its cuter imo, but its too small (I can't put much in it)
    MC pochette - not as cute ^ but much roomier than the Lex.
  11. MC Pochette.