Vernis Leather

  1. Hey everyone! I've just wona vernis bag but am not familiar with the vernis line.

    It's a leather though, right?

    Could anyone who owns any vernis or knows about it tell me a little more about it and how to take care of it?

  2. can't wait until you get your malibu. It's beautiful! and yes, it's patent leather!
  3. Yes its leather. Basically, its PATENT leather. Keep it out of direct sun for prolong periods of time such as in the car. Also keep it away from newspapers, magazines, etc, as it could be prone to color transfer (lighter colors especially) Keep it away from pens too. Congrats on your first Vernis bag! Vernis bags smell great!! So whatcha get!
  4. Congrats!!Vernis is a great line.
    Just be careful of printed items and PENS! I think I have a penmark on most of my Vernis pieces unfortunately..not so noticeable but still. :sad:
    Anyway also, don't let moisture get to the Vernis because it'll make it even easier for things to transfer over onto the material. Other than that you should be can usually just be wiped off occasionally.
  5. Yup, plastic coated leather. SUPER permeable to almost everything. Having a vernis item will teach you how to take care of bags. I have a perle item so I carry around a white hanky everywhere I go so that she gets her own little non-staining seat hehe
  6. :yes: I LOVE the smell of vernis every time I use it!! :love:
  7. I love vernis line..

    I can't wait to see the pics..
  8. I won a Malibu Street in framboise!!!!!!:love:
  9. :yahoo: Great question as I too just purchsed 2 new Vernis peices and was wondering myself.

    Thanks for all the help! :tender:
  10. Gongrats, it´s goorgeous!:love:

    I´m getting my Reade PM and Houston in the mail hopefully next week!! Can´t wait! A bit afraid of colour transfer etc though, cause I´m not careful enough :s They´re both used and only have slight markings on them.
  11. your bag look sooo cute!!! i want it! how much did it cost?
  12. Congrats!! That is such a cute bag! The framboise color is pretty good with color transfer, just don't put it on top of newspaper or magazines!!
  13. CONGRATS!!! :nuts:

    I just got my Reade PM from LV- might return as it is pretty small. I am not used to that small of a size, but it's indigo! and I LOVE the color....I am not sure if I should return it, and just keep checking ebay? HELP?:sad:
  14. Is there a way to get rid of a scratch on the vernis leather? Does Appleguard work on this type of leather?

  15. No! You cannot put ANY product on Vernis.
    If it gets dirty you can wipe it with a damp cloth...nothing else.
    I believe someone mentioned that AG or any other leather product leaves a nasty film on the Vernis.

    I am not sure what you mean by removing a 'scratch' off vernis.
    I guess not as it's not like you remove scratches off regular leather right?