Vernis Leather - Amarante or Dune?!

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  1. #1 May 28, 2016
    Last edited: May 28, 2016
    Hi everyone! I need your help in deciding which colour to pick for my business card holder. I love the colour Dune but I'm worried about colour transfer and I know that I would be devastated if I got any on it. But I also like how the Amarante is a darker colour, so it's harder to see any colour transfer. Does anyone own either? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!!
  2. I have amarante and its held up very well!
  3. Thanks! Do you find the card holder useful? :biggrin:

  4. Yes! I keep all my rewards cards and appointment cards in the main slot, and my business cards in the slip pocket.
  5. I have the dune in the vernis cles and it's absolutely gorgeous. I find the colour is very elegant, and it has a shimmer as well. I find that the colour is very unique and if you like lighter colour then you I'll enjoy it. I must admit that I do take care of it more than some of my other SLGs due to the light colour, and that it is prone to colour transfer, but it has been fine so far. I have had it for nearly a year. It has held up beautifully. When you use it, you will see your finger prints due to the light colour, but you can use the dust bag, and wipe it and it looks brand new again. It is a very special colour.
  6. They are both gorgeous and completely different. I have the zippy coin purse in Amarante and love it. My other favorite Cernis color is Dune. The only concern I'd have is color transfer, but that wouldn't stop me from buying the one I loved most.
  7. I have the Sarah Wallet and the 4 key holder in Amarante and love it. The Dune color is gorgeous. For the vernis pieces, I tend to go with the darker colors to avoid the color transfer issues that vernis owners have commented on. If you are careful with the lighter vernis and if your preference is towards the Dune, then go for it and enjoy your piece!
  8. Both show fingerprints and can get color transfer. I think it depends on how you use and store your items as to whether or not dune is likely to get ruined by color transfer. For example do you plan to always carefully put it away in a clean purse pocket or store in dust bag or do you plan to throw into a purse filled with many things and minor debris and crumpled receipts. If you're concerned that being extra careful is too annoying for your lifestyle maybe darker is better. You know yourself and your habits better so you have to go with your gut.
  9. +1
  10. I just got a business card holder in red Empreinte today! Not that it helps, ha, but it's a great compact little piece. It's a mini wallet for me. Of those you pictured, I prefer the darker one.
  11. I like Amarante, it's so gorgeous. I have this piece in Rouge Fauviste and sadly never use it. I find it too stiff.
  12. I keep my purses pretty clean and organized, but it will be in a DE Alma BB, do you think the red interior would transfer onto the dune?!
  13. +1

  14. Amarante! ❤️
  15. I vote for the amarante. I have my key holder in vernis amarante and it has held up really well after all these years. I've used and abused it. I have dropped it countless times and yet no damages, scuff marks or color transfer! I was so into the RB vernis, but stayed away after seeing so many RB pieces sold on eBay because of color transfer. Good luck!