Vernis Koala or MC Koala??

  1. I had a bad day yesterday, my pomme billfold was stolen. I want to buy a Koala wallet this time, but can't decide on which one to go for. MC Koala or Vernis Koala? White MC or black MC? Pomme or Framboise?? They are all very cute to me. So which one will you go for?? Thanks!
  2. Vote for White MC Koala!!
  3. Pomme Koala. I'm sorry to hear about your wallet. Was it a pick pocket ? Sometimes I nervous with my Bh because my azur zippy doesn't fit in the zip pocket.
  4. Sorry to hear about that, I would do a Vernis Koala!
  5. :sad:Sorry to hear that. I vote for the black MC Koala:drool:
  6. My whole bag was stolen, so the wallet was lost as well. This is second time i lost my wallet. Last time i put my Reade PM on the chair when I was trying shoes on, the theft just picked up my wallet from the bag.
    Be extremely careful when using open pocket LV bags!!
  7. Wowowo.... sorry to hear that. I vote for the Vernis Koala.........
  8. Oh no! :sad: So sorry to hear that! On a happier note I'd go for the vernis in Framboise! :smile:
  9. White MC koala !

    That's really terrible.. have you checked whether your house insurance will cover it ? Also, your credit card policy if it has extra services may offer insurance on it as well !
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your Pomme Billfold being stolen.

    Ugh, people these days have no care in the world of other peoples feelings.

    By the way, I would definitely go for the MC Koala.

    Both White and Black MC are really beautiful but if i had to choose I'd get the White MC Koala.

    Good Luck!
  11. White MC!
  12. I vote vernis. Sorry to hear about your wallet being stolen. That's a terrible feeling. I would def. check to see if your insurance covers it. Good luck!
  13. A Pomme Vernis! I just bought the Pomme Envelope and the color is HOT!

    BTW - Sorry for your stolen wallet. I hope they get those jerks who stole it.
  14. Black MC koala
  15. Sorry to hear that. I feel your pain.. :crybaby:I vote for the Vernis Pomme Koala. :heart: :yes: