Vernis Koala - Feeding My LV and Pink Obsession

  1. Argh, I have to put myself on a ban after this. I love pink and could not pass up the Koala wallet. I know the Pomme D'Amour craze is in full swing here but I have to support the Framboise too!! Such a cheery color. The Koala is compact and very roomy (love the 9 cc slots)! :yes: It's also perfect for a Pochette.
  2. [​IMG]

    And to add to my pink collection...heehee
  3. Seriously... I am sooo envious right now... your G7 is AMAZING! Does it have an Image Stabilizer?

    Congrats on the hot wallet! :yahoo:
  4. My favorite wallet ever!!!

    Someday I will round out my Koala collection with a vernis piece.
  5. wow, look at all that pink stuff!
    Love your Koala!
  6. hey there john :smile:
    get yourself a g7!!! you will love it!! yes, it has I.S. and as you can see, macro is incredible. these are all handheld shots, ISO 200.
  7. it's beautiful! congrats!
  8. wow! that's super pretty!!!
  9. beautiful! and you photograph it really well too!
  10. Gorgeous! The koala is just so cute!
  11. Gorgeous wallet! I heart framboise!
  12. its gorgeous. Btw love ur phone!
  13. thank you all :biggrin:
    i looked at the framboise french purse too and noticed the koala had a bit more oomph (slightly deeper color) and sparkle. why is that?
  14. I said it b4 and I'll say it take the best pics. Congrats on your Koala it's gorgeous. I agree with you I like the pink better. Your name should've been Pretty In Pink!
  15. ^ Heee, i just might change my avatar later then...