Vernis key pouch Vs epi rabat key pouch

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  1. Like the title says. What are the pros and cons for each.? I am having a hard time deciding between the two.I need to make a decision by the end of the week to order so it comes in time for my birthday!

    I prefer the vernis for it's looks, but it is quite stiff? I am wondering what it would look like closed with two housekeys on a regular round key holder. Bulgy? I take it the section on the back is wide enough for cards? Upside is a better choice of colours.

    The epi rabat seems more practical, is it a little wider in depth then the epi? Maybe it would hold the housekeys better? I think there is a separate compartment in the main body for cards? Is there anything on the back of it? Downside for the Epi is lack of colour choice.

    Please chime in the your opinions and or pics to help me decide!

  2. Epi Rabat wins hands down compared to Vernis Cles. There is an inner flat pocket compartment, there's nothing at the back. If only it comes with an external zipped compartment just like the Emp Cles, it would be PERFECT!
  3. Thanks! Which colour do you have?
  4. Def the rabat. I have it in black and love it so much. I can fit my house key and big car key fob inside and store my license and credit card inside the slip pocket. I even put in a thin chapstick/lip balm. it's great for carrying just my essentials for 'on the go'.
  5. I'm very curious about this too. Can anyone show us the rabat with pictures? I haven't really seen any :sad:
  6. Here are pics of mine. This is the minimum that I can fit into the cles. And the best one that would fit my bulky key fob. I've included a pic of how it looks with the items inside as well as how it looks from the front and the side when all the items are in it. As you can see, the shape of the cles hasn't changed with my items in it. That's why I love this lil thing and plan on getting more colors! Hope this helps

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  7. Very nice. I have the same one and I'm in love with it for the same reasons as you. To me it's the best cles (then Vernis, Emp.) if you want to use it strictly as a key holder.
  8. thanks mugenprincess, I've been wondering about the epi key pouch too.

    OP, are you referring to the vernis 6 ring key holder? if so, i would discourage you from getting it. even though its a beautiful piece, the inner leather and hardware showed wear and tear so much faster than my DE key holder. not to mention receipt transfer...

    will take a comparison photo and show you tonight if you are interested
  9. The Vernis is very thin and stiff. I don't like mine. I have some canvas Cles' and they are great, but my favorite is my Emp Cles! So soft and handy because it can fit the contents of a full sized wallet!
  10. Epi Rabat for sure. I sold my vernis cles because it didn't hold much at all.
  11. Can someone give the measurement for thickness of it? Liking i can get everything in it (house keys,couple of cards,cash) and my lipbalm. Thinking i should get it in a mini pochette with an iphone 6? Anyone have the Coquelicot colour?
  12. Nope, this one:
  13. I would opt for the Epi rabat key pouch. ️
  14. It def seems more pratical than the vernis and it's £15 cheaper!
  15. That what I thought too. I honestly wish LV would offer this style in the canvas. :P