vernis key and change holder 2 options*pics*

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  1. please advise which will hold better as the measurements are the same. i am buying it off eluxury so need advice. what do you girls prefer???

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  2. i have both. it depends on what you want to use it for.

    1st one (pochette cles/key & change holder):
    bigger (the measurements are NOT the same actually, eluxury screwed those up); holds A LOT more (can hold an ipod Nano even); has two compartments; chain is a bit longer; can be used as a wallet (that's what i do). bills fold in nicely.

    2nd one (cles): smaller, easier to fit into pocket but doesn't fit as much. probably only holds 3 CC's comfortably (IMO). i don't like putting bills in there because they get caught in the zipper very easily.

    that being said, i get *a lot* more use out of the 1st one. i basically use it as a wallet (pretty much fits the same as the ludlow, IMO). the 2nd one is good for more as a bag charm or when you just want to take keys + a few ccs.

    gimme a sec, actually i think i have pics of both side by side somewhere...
  3. I don't have either, but I like the nameplate! It looks a little bigger too!
  4. here's one pic showing relative size of cles (amarante) & pochette cles (violette) in relation to ludlow (pomme)



    here's both next to each other. the pochette cles is significantly bigger
  5. your vernis pics always make me :drool: when i see them sweetneet
  6. thnks girls the cles sounds good. actually i have a monogram wallet porte tresor international. it was a gift from my sister couple of years back and holds so well. i am buying this because am in love with the colour it looks yummy and it would hod coins and my house key too. just confused so thought id ask...
  7. love your vernis stuff. so yummy
  8. :drool::drool::drool::love: what a gorgeous group shot!!!!!!!!!! thank you for sharing!:tup::heart:
  9. would prefer the 2nd pics.
  10. I would go with the pochette cles. I don't think it's too big at all. It fits more which makes it more functional.
  11. Pochette cles - it's bigger and can hold more... :tup:
  12. I prefer the smaller version because I hand my keys from it sometimes and the first one looks really weird that way since its bigger.
  13. Is the pochette cles a seasonal item? Or is it a limited edition?
  14. i say the pochette cles
  15. Pochette Cles for sure. Right now I am using mine as a wallet until I get a white MC koala wallet since I just sold my mono koala.