Vernis issue: color transfer or dirt?


Mar 28, 2011
I just bought a preloved PA in Vernis. I think the color is either Rose Angelique or Dune.. Does this look like color transfer or dirt on the Vernis leather?

And is it really nothing you can clean with to remove color transfer? I'm hoping it is mostly dirt that will be removed after some warm water and light soap..

Thank you for any help regarding taking care of/ restore Vernis leather. 01.JPG


Dec 27, 2005
I think it is color transfer and Vernis is known for the color changing especially with light colors. Nothing can be done with color transfer. I have had Vernis pieces and not one ever had dirt on them. You could wipe it down when you get it. There is nothing I know of that can restore Vernis leather but I believe someone posted here in dying their Vernis wallet and it looked beautiful. So maybe one can refurbish it in some way?..

Another thing is in person it may look better than the pictures.

Love GDragon

May 3, 2017
If Vernis leather get dust stain I usually remove it quickly by using no alchohol baby wrapping to clean gently (Do not do strongly, it may get leather shiny off ). If dust stain stay there for longer it will transfer to inside and impossible to remove.
personally I feel the color change in the whole leather is not the matter and love it. My preown bag has the color of green tea now (its original color was light blue ?) . I love this color much more, very beautifull
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Mar 26, 2015
it looks like color transfer. you can't fix it, but you can dye it to a darker shade. watch some youtube tutorials or check out some threads. it's quite easy to restore vernis pieces with dye, but that's the only way. wipes and etc. won't remove it.
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