Vernis Indigo vs Purple? COnfused...

  1. Ok I was looking for a Vernis Indigo bag and I know they madea color Indigo....but did they also make Purple? I found this Houston bag and the Let*Trade has it as Purple...just wondering if this could actually be the Indigo or they made the Houston in both colors? :shrugs: If someone color clarify for me I would greatly appreciate it. ;)
  2. Yes, both colors were made. Indigo is a dark blue color and the purple is, well, purple. I don't know what the offical name of the color is, I'm sure some ladies here will know. But Let-Trade is a good seller she's authentic.
  3. I think it was called Lilac?
    I know there was a Lavendar but it was lighter.
    I think it should be called Grape..that's what it looks like to me.
  4. Ok..well I looked on eBay and the majority are just called "purple."
  5. wow, that purple is gorgeous!
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