Vernis in Violette Completely Out?

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  1. Has anyone had any luck recently in locating any SLG in this color??

    I missed the boat during my absence from LV and can't find anything in this color!!!

    Thanks ;)

    PS: I don't want to go through ebay and I've just called the 866# and they couldn't find anything anywhere in the US in that color for the 4 key holder, nor cles!
  2. I think your only chance is going to be finding it used
  3. Call the Saks in Bala Cynwyd PA. I am pretty sure I saw some there last week.

  4. Do you remember what you saw? I tried to call but they are closed for tonight. I'll call tomorrow least my search isn't over yet!! THANKS!! :flowers:
  5. ^^No I don't. I remembered seeing cases with accessories and seeing Violete! That is all. Sorry!
  6. just called and they said they are out!! :sad: does it mean i'm completely out of luck?
  7. Violette had such a short run so it is very limited!
    I wish I had purchased a piece when it was available.
    Good Luck!
  8. I know you said you don't want to purchase from eBay, but I just saw a pochette cles on there...

    I agree...I love this color. I was fortunate to get the Alma MM in Violette, because my SA held one for me, knowing how much I like purple! :tender: GL!!
  9. I was told all the violette vernis items were withdrawn from the stores awhile ago... I think violette was disco'd and pulled from stores when the rose pop and other fluorescents came out last year. I haven't seen anything since then.

    There are some great shoes this year in a similar color if that will help. Check out the Catch Me wedge. And the flip flop (forgot the name). Both are really cute and have just arrived in my closet!!!
  10. :girlsigh: I was MIA from checking out the latest items for about a year when I was lusting over (still am btw) Chanels and this is what I've missed!!!
  11. You're right. It's one of those colors that I *know* will sustain wear overtime. I checked out the listing from Ebay. I'm still on the fence about buying from Ebay but we'll see! :graucho:
  12. That purple from the Catch Me wedge does look gorgeous! I wonder if they'll make something similar in vernis!!!:nuts: Congratulations on your purchases!!!
  13. I know you didn't want preowned but I just saw one on fashionphile. Its an Alma.
  14. I just wish there are more violette stuff on ebay. I so want something new from this line (preferably SLG) that i am seriously considering ebay!