vernis in red...

  1. the current limited amount of red vernis still available is it blue/red or orange/red...I cannot tell by limited pics...anyone with feedback on the current veris red/rouge...what are your thoughts? Is it stunning in real life...thanks
  2. It's red..I think like my reade..

    red reade is very has glittery effect especially under the sun...I can't imagine how LV will improve red vernis. I know it will come in deeper red..can't wait..
  3. The current limited red (few left) is like bagsnbags Reade PM like she said which I think has more of a warmer-orangey-undertone to it. If you want to know what the even older red looked like - check out let-trade's website and it's the colour of the billfold wallet which is more of a cooler blue-undertoned red.

  4. Your red vernis looks nice and bright like a true orange or yellow tone to it at all... maybe they are going to bring in a dark red...personally I love the current red...
  5. here's's hard to capture the glittery shines..

  6. No orange undertones in the current red at all. I would call it a candy apple red.
  7. Agreed.
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that is so yummy!!!!:love:
  9. ^^ yup
  10. love this shade of red it is gorgeous and vibrant...I prefer it to the new framboise colour because the red matches more of bags in general...I have a red gucci and a JKO gucci with the red and white stripes and navy...and of course the red with go with my mono LV's...this is the perfect colour for accessories to break up the monogram and also it would match the pouchette groom wallet...I think the reds together would work...I like better than a darker red...thanks for the pic :smile:
  11. hmmm, I think it does have a slight orange, warm undertone. I think pictures (any pictures) don't capture it well, because it is in the sparkles.
  12. no warm orange under tone in that is a true red or is like the red from the groom collection minus the orange unless you are thinking of another red from way back....
  13. No, I have it in the cles....and I hear what you are saying about the reade in bag's photo, it looks true red...but IRL the red has goldish sparkes that do not get captured in picture. The best thing is to go take a look IRL, I think you will see what I am talking about....JMHO, of course.

    The elux photo shows it a bit...

  14. ahhh, here is Jo-jo's photo from the Vernis club....this is what I am thinking of.


    Maybe it is an older red, but I think this is the current one.

    Anyone know for sure?
  15. I wouldn't say I know for sure that I'd bet my life on it..

    but I'm pretty confident that the colour of Jojo's wallet and bagsnbags reade are the same vernis colour. It's a warmer type of red. Not necessarily that it has orange/yellow undertones - but what I was trying to say before is that it is a warmer kind of red.

    The even older red is a darker red that is more in the cool colour family.

    I've seen the current red vernis on the agenda IRL and it really is more of a bright warm red.