Vernis in Noisette - color transfer?

Mar 5, 2006
I am thinking about purchasing a vernis bag, and I was curious about your experiences with the Noisette color. Is it as prone to color transfer/color change as the other lighter colors? I love the light colors like marshmallow and peppermint, but am nervous after hearing all of the warnings on this board about those colors. Any input/advice would be much appreciated!
Jan 25, 2006
I had asked the same question while I was trying to decide on a color. They are not as fragile as some may think. I have been using my pochette cles on a daily basis, its been in and out of purses, i've even hung it on my belt loop on my (lighter washed jeans) and everything has been fine. The noisette is not as dark as I thought IRL, but it is still beautiful nonetheless. I think it you just watch about placing it on newspapers, dark, new jeans that tend to run dye you should be ok.