vernis in mint....

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  1. I saw somebody on the forum post pics of her vernis bag in mint color...i absolutly love it!(mint is my fave color)but when i went to there was no vernis items that had the mint color,i after went on to check and even there i cant seem to find the mint color i wanted,did they stop making that color??:crybaby:

    I would settle for anything from the vernis line in mint,soo cute :s
  2. It's discontinued. I'm not sure exactly how long ago it happened but it has been a while. The only place you'll find it now it eBay.
  3. awww..that sucks :sad: i guess i'd better start looking at eBay
  4. You could try calling 1-866-VUITTON - just in case there are some pieces left in their system.
  5. You mean the Peppermint? I'm not sure if there were any other mint colors produced, that's the only one that comes to mind.

    Peppermint is discontinued, but you can sometimes get some on eBay! :smile: I have a Peppermint Ludlow and I love it...But Peppermint seems to be pretty prone to color transfer :\\
  6. I love the peppermint, and yes, it is discontinued. It seems like I got on the LV "bandwagon" too late.:crybaby:
  7. was released in about spring of 04.
    They do have a couple accessories still available I think, but you need to call the hotline and they'll be able to locate a piece. Otherwise, they're not generally displayed in the store, only kept in the back.
  8. I should go ask at the montreal store then,anything mint gets my stamp of approval(exept fakes)
  9. I don't think the Mtl store has any left, you can try though. The only discontinued Vernis colour left that I know of in Mtl is Red. They have the red Bedford if you want.......
  10. i dont realy like the red vernis,when i saw the color of the red IRL it looked too flashy for me :sad:
  11. I have the peppermint Houston! It´s gorgeous.
  12. i would love a peppermint bedford though.. the colour is just so beautiful IRL
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