Vernis in LOVE! [pics]

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  1. These two pieces look SO hot together, I've not even captured 50% of it with these shots, but I will totally recommend others combining amarante with GOLD MIROIR, it's so hot and glamorous, it's almost ghetto rapper tackey! :drool:

    PLEASE post some of your own hotness miroir pics! OMG!

    Mine will follow below...

  2. [​IMG]

    This picture best brings out the hotness I think. The heart is right about the same colour as the plate!
  3. Wow, the second pic is STUNNING.
  4. boy! that is gorgeous!
  5. [​IMG]
    It was really hard to get the lightning right, here it seems like it's two shades of gold which it's not...

    Naturally, you cant' really be pimpin' without the FUR! Definetly not faux :angel:
  6. wow, very nice! I love it!
  7. here's the final one. :yes:


    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'd LOVE to see your versions of Fergie does LV as well!:drool:
  8. What is that in amarante? Is it a wallet? It's gorgeous! (not to mention your heart!)
  9. ^
    Thanks,. it's the sunset boulevard! :tup:
  10. pretty together!!!
  11. that combination is too die for!!!! i'm so happy for you (but a little green at the same time). enjoy them and take care of them both.
  12. Love it!! I can't wait to get my hearts!
  13. Pimpin'!
  14. Oooh that is SO Lux! I'm lovin' it (and hating that I can't get mine until Febuary)
  15. Great combo, love it, the colors are stunning....Congrats!!!