Vernis-how fragile?

  1. I know that this has been covered, but I can't find the thread. At the time of the earlier discussion, I wasn't interested in the vernis.

    How "fragile" are the darker vernis colors like framboise (sp?) and fuschia? I know that color transfer can be an issue, but did I read that these also change color over time?

    Please help!
  2. I purchased a used Fuchsia wallet on ebay and after cleaning it up, it looks almost new! There are no color transfers or color change. I believe Marshmallow is the one that changes color- from a light powder pink to a peachy color.
  3. As with all Vernis, store it in a dust bag when not in use and don't expose to too much direct sunlight and heat. I've had my Bronze for 5 years now and the color still looks great. I think lighter colored Vernis are more suspectible to color changes.:smile:
  4. I have a red PTI wallet which I use a fair bit and it still bright and shiny with no marks. The only thing I do is slip it in the dust bag before I put it inside my handbag so it is not getting beaten around.
  5. Lighter colors like Marshmallow, Perle and Peppermint are pretty delicate.
    Darker colors like Framboise, Fuchsia, Red and Bronze are fairly durable. I use my Fuchsia PTI wallet daily and have for a bit over a year now and there isn't one bit of color transfer on it at all.
  6. I have and have had a couple of bronze pieces, both were still very good looking even after a couple years old!! I think the darker colors you don't have to worry about as much as the light.