badly does it scratch? (& other Q's)

  1. Okay, I've maybe touched Vernis twice. Once, it was a Perle Reade and the other time it was a wish bracelet.

    As some of you know from reading my other post, I am on the list for a pomme d'amour cles, although, knowing my store, I don't even know if I'll get my turn...:s

    Anyways, I use a cles EVERY SINGLE DAY. Especially when I have school (which starts on Monday again! Eek!) I keep my cards and cash in the pouch, and my house and car keys dangle off the chain.

    Will this be a problem? I mean, will my keys end up scratching the vernis really badly? Do the scratches turn out white, or in the same colour?

    Regarding specifically pomme d'amour, do you think it'll be less prone to colour transfer?

    Last Q, compared to the MC/CB cles, is the vernis cles capacity larger or smaller?

    TIA! I know it's a lot of questions, but I'm excited!
  2. i only have one vernis piece and that's a wallet but it being in a purse all the time with keys and other junk i guess it probably gets it's share of abuse. i've never had any problems scratches and the dark color probably will wear better. plus you shouldn't have the color transfer problem either. it's a stunning color. can't wait to see it IRL.
  3. Michelle made a good point in another post about this being a dark color and covering up little daily life hits that it might take. I think this color and the indigo color take a pretty good beating. I don't baby my pieces and no scratches what-so-ever.
  4. I was told by SA if it does get strached, it'd be something like scratched Miroir. Personally i would tuck in the keys instead of leave them out while cles is in pochette. Color transfer happens more often on lighter shade Vernis, though pomme d'amour could still get it if it get in conatct w/newspaper/magz.
  5. I've used a vernis cles daily for a couple of years, and there's not a single scratch on it.
  6. This is good to know since I'm looking at the red vernis zippy wallet and cles as well.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, ladies!

    Classic Chic, I won't be able to tuck in my keys into a Vernis cles.
    I currently am *just* able to tuck all of my keys into a you can imagine how tight it'd be in the Vernis!
    I have two house keys, one mailbox key, one work key, my car key, and the little plastic car keyless entry thing...cannot take any of those off the keyring (and I refuse to detach the keyless entry control) so yeah, I don't think it'll fit! :lol:

    I certainly hope it doesn't scratch very easy! And I'm not too concerned about colour transfer...I always try to avoid putting my LVs on foreign surfaces! (Usually I put it on my jacket, or on a clean surface/on the carpet at home)
  8. i was wondering about this too. I plan on getting the pomme d'amour cles and i dont want to have to baby it, i do that enough with my groome.
    If i got it i would want to be able to carry it in my pocket every day without having to worry about color transfer too much. I guess i should be carefull of it around jeans..
  9. This is all good to know. :love:
  10. The capacity is similar to your MC cles. So that should give you some idea of what it can hold.
    I carry the ones I have often, but not every day. I let my keys dangle bc there def is NOT enough room to put them inside. I try not to jam them into an overstuffed bag, so the keys don't scuff the vernis, but I'm really not a careful person. I have never had a scratch.
    Also, there can still be color transfer with the darker colors, but it just will not be as noticeable as the darker color hides it better.
    You'll be fine, If you have not had any trouble with your miroir, you will not have trouble with the cles. Enjoy it!
  11. What about the lighter colour like the perle?? Anyone had issues with that???
  12. Hey, K!

    Hmm, I'd actuallyguess that you may get a tad more in a vernis cles, than a Mono Multi colour one. The Multi colour seems a bit more structured, and not so pliable as the vernis. I have both at home, so will check over the weekend and try and take a couple of pics, if you'd like, so you can see both together. (Must admit, I've never actually used either though, so can't be a hundred percent sure without checking them both out)

    Let me know,

  13. I was looking at an indigo mott at the boutique recently and the SAs said you definitely have to baby the vernis. That is the only reason I didn't get it...because I hate to have to worry about my bags when I am carrying them.
  14. will, 'baby' or not depends on how you treat your bags normally, even w/mono/Damier, some TPF already have a good practice handle them by not letting it sit on top of floor/on magazine, don't leave it in trunk, store it properly when not in's standard to some while 'baby' in other's eyes, KWIM?
  15. I have a rouge/red vernis agenda that's over 3 years old. I use it daily for school, apts, etc - I am NOT careful with it at all, afterall, it is an agenda. It gets thrown all around - in my bag, on my desk, on my floor - and still looks brand new - no scratches :p