Vernis Heart Coin Purse + more on eLuxury now!

  1. out of stock..
  2. Yeah, but keep it in your favorites and keep refreshing!!! :yes:

    And this is my 200th post... woo hoo!!! Kick ass!!!
  3. WOW, all out of stock already! Awww
  4. Congrats on your 200th post but how do you keep them in your favorites?
  5. all gone.....
  6. Well that is no good that they are all gone.
  7. Were they ever really in stock?
  8. It depends on your browser... which one are you using?
  9. huh, i just saw that up on elux and now it is gone. weird. my sa better live up to his word and call me when those little suckers get in!
  10. Safari!
  11. drag the link to your menu bar
  12. out of stock :crybaby:
  13. i saw them earlier today, the heart was avaliable im pomme d'amour, the flat pouch and pastilles key chain in all 3 colors.. :smile:
  14. I wonder if they're shipping before 2/1?