Vernis: Fuchsia or Framboise?

  1. I know there are many here who have these colors.
    Which do you prefer? I've never seen Fuchsia in person but I have seen Framboise and it seems Fuchsia is much brighter. Is that true??

    Not taking in account that one is a new release and the other is older-
    Which do you prefer?
    I'm dying for a pink bag. I saw a Fuchsia keepall once on eBay years ago and OMG was it gorgeous! Pink overdose and I was loving it!

  2. I prefer the Framboise. :love:

    I think Fuchsia is a little bit to "hot pink" for me.

    Framboise is much more of a "cooler pink".

    I don't know if I make sense .... I know what I mean but its hard to put it into words. :rolleyes:
  3. I agree I LOVE the framboise. I too feel like the Fuchsia is more "hot / neon pink" although that's just from seeing it in pictures.

    The framboise is softer looking. Very shinny and it sparkles very nice. I just got two framboise pieces myself.

  4. Very, very nice items you have there!!

    I am a bright side of life kinda girl and LOVE the fuchsia.

    I was hoping you guys would say that it was much brighter! Woo hoo.:yahoo:
    I want it to be flaming neon pink metallic! lol
    BRIGHT bright pink just gives me some MAJOR warm fuzzies for some reason, always has.
    I love both, but I think I'm going fuchsia if I can find it. If not, framboise it is! lol
  5. I like both a lot really but my vote is for Framboise.
  6. i vote for the framboise. color is just the right shade of pink. the fuschia does seem to be a little too shiny:smile:
  7. I love both, but fuchsia is my favorite. The only reason I have more framboise is because I missed out on the fuchsia in stores (wasn't into LV back then).
  8. Hmm I have 2 Fuchsia PTI wallets and the Framboise it's hard for me to pick a favorite. I'd say the Fuchsia though because it's just so bright and gorgeous.
  9. i prefer framboise too
  10. I prefer Framboise.
  11. FUCHSIA!!!!!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I have both, but the Framboise is flat to me compared to the sparkle and brillance of the fuchsia!!
    Mlowran, you would NOT be disappointed with fuchsia!
    I am a hot pink kind of gal too, and I adore my fuchsia bags!
  13. I like both, but the fuschia wins my vote
  14. I like both.
  15. I like the framboise but the fuchsia is HOT!!