vernis framboise zippy wallet

  1. is it discontinued in this style and color? I don't see it on eluxury. thanks
  2. Ooooo I love that wallet! I don't think it's been discontinued, but some of the seasonal colors may have changed.
  3. the framboise is being phased out, call 866. they can help you find one. it is a beautiful color...great wallet too...
  4. there's still a lot left
  5. Availability is limited since it's being phase out. Might contact 1866. They'll help you locate one from another boutique.
  6. I have this exact wallet and :heart: it. I get SO many compliments on it. It holds everything and looks good withe mono or damier LV's! :yes:
  7. thanks..I will call and see if I can get one. I:heart: it!! LUV MY BAGS.....does the red from the damier transfer onto the wallet though??? I'm concerned about that!! Thanks;)
  8. I have this wallet and ADORE it too! I don't have any red epi bags, but my Mandarin Noe inside didn't transfer onto it, Mandarin and Framboise are really fun together; actually, framboise is really fun with everything!