Vernis Framboise OR Pomme...

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  1. Which color looks better with patina?? Your opinion please.......I have a houston in Framboise & may want to get rid of it so I can get the Pomme instead. I love how brand new pomme bags look because there are so much contrast with the leather color. However, when the leather turns to a darker color, I am not sure if it will look nice. What do you think? Which color looks better with patina & which color should I pick?
  2. Pomme. I think the rich red and a dark color are very complimentary to each other. Not so much the cheery pink.
  3. I had an old Red Vernis bag, and I liked the patina. I don't own any Framboise so I couldn't tell ya about it.
  4. Out of the two choices, I think the Pomme would look better with patina.
    The Framboise looks better with lighter straps.
  5. I think Pomme too !
  6. With patina, framboise...dark and light pink go well together :smile:
  7. That's a really good question, I think Pomme too. Trying to picture it in my mind !
  8. I love pomme.
  9. I think they will both be beautiful!
  10. I think I am one of the few people here that likes the framboise better
  11. I tried to do a quick honey patina in photoshop, and honestly they look both nice.
  12. I'm gonna say the Framboise too....a deep brown leather and a shocking pink is appealing to me :yes:
  13. I think Pomme would look better. Darker red matches the patina!! Just my two cents!
  14. Thanks for the pic! Yes, both of them look nice! :yes:
  15. I think the pomme would.