Vernis Frambois, Koala, or Small Ring Agenda?


Which to get?

  1. Vernis Frambois

  2. Koala Mono Canvas

  3. Mono Canvas

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  1. Hi ladies and gents. I want to get a new agenda but can't decide on which one I should get. Here are my choices:

    - Vernis Frambois small ring agenda

    - Koala Mono Canvas small ring agenda Madarin or Pink lining

    - Mono Canvas small ring agenda

    Any advice? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. The Vernis Frambrois is a beautiful color & I'm sure it will match any of your other bags.
  3. Vernis framboise, it's a beautiful color. I love mine :smile:
  4. Thanks ladies. I have two days left to decide, and couldn't make a decision on my own.:flowers:
  5. I picked the Koala Mono Canvas because I think the pink lining is really pretty. However, the Vernis Framboise would be a close second choice.
  6. I just got the vernis framboise sm. agenda. It is sooooooooo beautiful. The color is not as bright as it looks in pics. It is a rasberry pink and not terribly shinny either. It's awesome and I love it. Get it, get it, get it!!!!
  7. I can't wait to check out the frambois, but I'm so scared that it's too bright for my mono canvas bags. But I don't want to have all my accessories be mono canvas or damier.:Push:
  8. Koala is so nice.
  9. Koala in mandarin! It's gorgeous. What does that retail for?
  10. Oops! I made it a tie between the agenda and koala ;) Good luck!
  11. Thanks everyone! I'll keep you guys posted.