Vernis Fleur Lexington Full-Set on let-trade

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  1. the price that was on the site before was 1999.99 they are adorable!
  2. Wow! Thats quite the collection.
  3. i saw that. its cute!
  4. Allready saw that! It's gorgeous. I kept looking at the patina to see which pochette the seller used the most, lol .
  5. Wow, that would be awesome to have.
  6. :heart:wow those are BEAUTIFUL!
  7. Yeah I had seen them before. They are TDF, seriously id love to have them as a "collection" piece but im not much of a collector! And I wouldnt use them all I mean I already have an azur pochette, and that would be like having 4 more pochettes lol! Plus, theyre too beautiful and pristine to be used IMO.
  8. I love them! Out of all of them, I'd really like to get the black one though.
  9. sadly only pink and red left, and let-trade said $995 for the two... too much for me, but they are oh sooo cute
  10. they're gorgeous! I wonder what would happen if somebody hit 'buy it now' while it says $0...hehe.