Vernis FLEUR lexington club!

  1. i know a couple of you on here have one of these babies!

    heres mine :heart:
  2. Here´s mine. [​IMG]
  3. I have the beige and pink (and the beige hair pins), but I really want to get one of the orange Lexingtons as well!
  4. ^ do you have pics of it?
  5. This is gorgeous! When did it come out?
  6. ^ i think in 2002...?
  7. I was going to sell everything on eBay at one point, so I took this nice picture, then I decided not to sell
  8. gorgeous collection! ^^^
  9. I am waiting on the beige one to arrive that I purchased from a lovely tpfer. It will make the perfect little evening bag.
  10. Too cute! Congrats on owning something from this lovely line!
  11. This is seriously my favorite LV line EVER! The adorable Lexingtons adorned with the pretty little 'fleurs' is actually what attracted me to LV.:love:

    :heart:I have a question- I know there's a beige, black, orange and a light pink. Were there any other colors? I searched the forum but couldn't find too much on this yummy line..
  12. ^naw, i think there were only the four you mentioned.

    gorgeous pics everyone! i love these, am always thinking about getting one
  13. join the club with my lovely orange![​IMG]
  14. I know, I wish I could own one of these bags. They're so adorable. I always loved the plain Lexington's, but the Fleurs version really makes the bag pop! I'm extremely jealous of everyone's Lexington's. I love the Beige one the most. That one is just darling! :faint::drool::crybaby: