Vernis Family Growing!

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  1. Violette Bellevue GM, Pomme Roxbury and Perle Porte wallet. I'm now going to wait until blue shows up in the Vernis line.
  2. Sorry, I forgot to add the pic!

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  3. Something in the old baby blue, or the new neon colours? :nuts: Love your Vernis collection!
  4. New blue!
  5. ....something Blue ......that will be a great addition ! Great collection!
  6. [​IMG]

    That violette is stunning. And THE color this season. You need to change your subtitle to be "Vernis lover too!"

    Love them ALL!!!!
  7. Hey, you need a cles!
  8. Scrumptious yummy colors...Congrats!!
  9. beautiful! wow!
  10. Pretty ! Now we're wallet twinsies ! ;)
  11. They are beyond beautiful!! Congrats and enjoy them!!
  12. Lovely, yummy vernis!
  13. Your Bellevue is eye-catching! :smile:
    Very nice Vernis collection.
  14. Yummay!!!!

    Congratulations ~!
  15. Gorgeous Vernis pieces!