Vernis, Epi New Colors Why no Suhali new color?

  1. It seems that LV is always coming out with new epi and vernis colors but only comes out with new suhali colors about every 2 years--what's the deal?? Anyone know the inside scoop??? TIA
  2. maybe it's a more difficult process to dye
  3. there's a new blue, no? it's on the official website :yes:
  4. ^^ NO that was the old blue which they produced in a lockit for A/W. I agree there needs to be a new suhali colour ... would LOVE a navy blue:yes:
  5. With all these bright colors this up and coming s/s, I am surprised there is no new suhali color, that is very bright
  6. A dark red like merlot color would be nice in vernis, and suhali