Vernis envelopes?

  1. I saw the Vernis envelope-type purse/pochette, does anyone know about these? I saw it on the Louis Vuitton website under the 2nd Asian characters (Japanese, I believe). If so, does anyone know how much they retail for? thanks
  2. Asian characters were chinese. Believe this item retailed last year around $400 :shrugs:
  3. The were very cute. I wish i got one
  4. there's still one (perle) in our local botique but i'm from manila.
  5. Are they coming back out, or were they limited editions? Does anyone know if they'll be re-released for Valentine's Day?
  6. unfortunately it's not comming back this year. It was meant to be LE of 07 V day special. But looking at how the :heart: is back this year, it's possible the envelope can find it's way back.
  7. ^Yep. For now, the envelope remains a strictly Valentine's day '07 release.