vernis discolour in future?

  1. Will the vernis discolour or change colour in future?
  2. Depends on the color. Older colors had a tendency to change but the newer ones seem to have been tweaked to the point that they're no longer susceptible to such drastic changes. I know the baby blue sometimes changed to a seafoam green and the marshmallow pink tended to become more of a peachy color.
  3. yup, and not just that. it really depends on how well you take care of the bag. i've seen some really old vernis bags that have absolutely zero discoloration b/c it was stored correctly.
  4. I think newer colors especially the darker ones will not have discoloration problems. At least, not that I heard of so far. I've only seen lighter colors like marshmallow turned yellowish and looked more like light beige than light pink. Also seen silver vernis turned yellowish.
  5. In some cases that might help but my friend had a silver Lexington that she barely ever used, was stored in a humdity free area in just the dustbag and the glue discolored to the point where it was yellowed. :push:
  6. oh that really sucks =[

    i had a lemon thompson street that didnt have any discoloration but me being stupid got lots of color transfers on it by putting it next to black/red bags =[
  7. i have a blue houston that is now greenish yellow and a noisette that is also yellowish.
  8. Oh my...seems like Vernis is not that gd after all.
  9. These are all older colors that people are talking about. If you get anything from say, Fuchsia onward, you'll be fine. Some of the best colors are Fuchsia, Bronze, Noisette, Beige, Indigo, Rouge, Framboise and Pomme d'Amour.
    They're not as delicate as you'd think, I have a Fuchsia wallet that I used for about 2 years straight and there isn't one thing wrong with it, it's just as good as the day I got it.
  10. I love most vernis colors. :yes: But if I ever get anything vernis, I will only take bronze, framboise, pomme and maybe amarante- those are my personal favourites. I also love colors like perle, marshmallow and rose but I think I'd rather get something that is gorgeous AND durable. :p
  11. I know that this is an old thread, and I've searched other threads for the answer to this question... I thought I'd just bring it up here, rather than just start a new thread.

    So the question is this: is there any way to TREAT and already discolored vernis bag? I know you can treat vachetta in a way that you can clean it off, does the same go with vernis? Or are there any products on the market that you can use to prevent any more discoloration in the future?
  12. I read a thread about a pfer who got marks on her vernis bag --I'm not sure if she removed them or an SA helped her......if you do a search it might pop up:"removing marks/scuffs from vernis" I think someone even got nailpolish on theirs!

    I don't think there's any way you can "treat" the vernis beforehand since it's varnished leather. Be careful with heat, sun, or light exposure and don't let any newspapers, magazines, or anything plasticky press or rub up against it. I'd recommend darker colors over lighter since the lighter colors tend to yellow over time and are way more prone to color transfer.
  13. do you think the new color will discolor. like the white one or pearly one?
  14. I have a lavande vernis agenda and its turning below in a patch :sad:
    but i have an old pochette that aged just like AWESOMELY ahaha
    its like a sea foam teal its really neat! but the vernis is high maintenance i wish
    i had boughten one that was monogram or like a darker epi