Vernis dilemma

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  1. I have a Vernis rouge grenadine bag that was purchased this spring. It has a two small areas on the bag where the Vernis color has been peeled off. They are very small and no one can see them if I am just carrying it around, but still I am annoyed by it. I had my local Lv boutique have a look at it. They are willing to let me exchange it for something else but not the same exact model.

    Now, there are very few bags in rouge grenadine bags available in my area. I happen to love the color. My choices are Bellefleur, Avalon MM, and Wilshire. All three are a bit small for my liking. So I am torn! Keep the bag and just ignore the peeled off parts or get a smaller bag?

    What would you do?
  2. Peeling is not normal unless you scuffed it up on something and it will probably get worse and lift. Get a new bag I would go with the Avalon MM even thought I am not sure how those vernis straps will hold up.
  3. Get a new one. For the price you are paying you are entitled to get a pristine purse.
  4. Why won't they let you exchange it for the exact same model? I would think that would be the most logical solution if you like the bag you already have.
  5. I would exchange the bag for something else, peeling is no good and it is hard to stop the process
  6. they should let you exchange for another alma... thats weird.. maybe explain that you want the same bag and push for it, they might say ok.
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    Theoretically it may get worse and I would hate for you to pass up the opportunity to exchange it and regret it later. Their offer is quite gracious and i don't think it happens often. At the same time I understand that you love your bag. Basically...can you live without it or live with the flaws? It sounds like you don't love the other bags, therefore don't settle! Good luck deciding :smile:
  8. u deserve a new alma..y r they not exchanging it with the same model is beyounf my apprehension..after paying such a huge price u shd get wat u want not wat they want!