Vernis Dilemma

  1. I'm looking for some advice, because I'm getting so confused with all the vernis options! I was all set to get a cles in pomme, but then I heard about the hearts and the new vernis color, violette. I want to waitlist for a heart, which I'm not even sure I'll be able to get, but I also still want to get a vernis cles, and I don't know which colors. The problem is that I won't get a chance to see them in real life before waitlisting, so I have to make a decision about the colors based on pictures alone.

    I definitely want something in pomme, but I don't know if I want to get both things in pomme because it seems a little redundant. I think for the hearts, I like pomme the best. I'm still not sure about violette, because it looks a little different in each of the pictures I've seen, so I really don't have a handle on the color. Amarante seems like a good option for a cles, but it also confuses me - it seems so pretty, but then at other times it looks black, and maybe that's too dark. I would be using the heart with one of my Speedies (Mirage Noir with black interior and Damier with red interior) and the cles with my pochettes (mono with beige interior and Damier Sophie with red interior). Help me! What do you all think?
  2. I'd waitlist for the violette cles and if you don't like it you can always return it. I think it will look fab!
  3. I saw the new Vernis violette today IRL. While it is nice it can't compare to the Pomme. I LOVE the Pomme color.
  4. Thanks for the input!

    I have been reading where people talk about the amarante getting a lot of fingerprints. Does anyone know if the pomme does, too? And I guess it's a little too soon to know one way or the other about the violette.
  5. I love Pomme!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Pomme is so gorgeous and I have yet to seen a color that even comes close to surpassing it. I would get the heart in Pomme and the Violette cles. If you don't like the color then you could exchange it for amarante, which is my second favorite.
  7. My SA said that only the amarante shows the fingerprints badly. It sounds like the Pomme color would look fantastic in your collection....which is very nice by the way.:tup:

    I saw the Violette vernis color at the LV store yesterday and it is a soft lavender/purple (very similar to the color type above). It is a nice color, but the Pomme vernis is the bomb!
  8. I say heart in Pomme and cles in Violette since hearts should be red. It sounds like the softer violet will go better with the bags you want to use the cles for.
  9. I have a Pomme cles and I don't have much problems with the fingerprints. I love the Pomme b/c it matches with all my bags.
  10. Get the Pomme Cles. I have a Pomme Reade and I love it, it's the best color yet! Fingerprints get on easily on Amarante, I don't have that issue on my Pomme.
  11. I saw the new Violett Vernis at the store yesterday. Although it's pretty, I prefer the pomme and the amarante colors.
  12. ITA, hearts are associated with red or pink. Actually, I'd get both the heart and cles in pomme, but that's because I like matching sets.
  13. I think the hearts look best in pomme or pink, and then get the cles in pomme or violette. The purple is really bright and vivid - which I like. I think that a bright purple wallet or cles contrasting inside of red lining is going to be just beautiful.