vernis difficult? why

  1. i remeber reading through different posts that ppl think the vernis is a hard to take care of bag.

    i have to ask why? i have a FP a small wallet and the reade pm and never had any problems and ive had the reade for a few yrs now. i feel its easier doesnt get damaged by water always looks shiny and bright. what are other ppls problems with it.???
  2. I think the only problem I keep hearing about is the color transfer on the lighter vernis colors. That's about it.
  3. some people have had problems with color transfer, especially on the light colors, and color transfers are irreparable :mad:. i have a Perle Bedford, and i have to be uber-careful with it for fear of getting it dirty or discolored.
  4. what do u mean about color transfer? like ifyour wearnig jeans t goes on the print?

    also.. i knwo a bit off sub but does anyoneknow how much it would be to SO a speedy vernis
  5. yup yup yup :yes::yes::yes:

    and also if you set it down on wet printed materials, you may be able to read off your bag too :lol:
  6. ^ wow. good to know. i know if you get like a pen mark on it its sooo hard to remove. but i didnt realise about the trasnfer. i still think though that that and the epi is there best lines
  7. I:heart:EPI!!! And I NEVER thought I'd say that!!!:nuts:
  8. Now when are you going to love vernis ? :graucho:
  9. As soon as I find Indigo Houston!!! Or when they come out with black Vernis!!!:wlae:
  10. oooooooo i think they did have balck ages ago. or maybe it was a matt balck my ffriends had one.. it was SO nice. im guessin it must havebeen real cuz she is MEGA loaded... it wsa so hot it was i think the spring street size adn style, i think
  11. I don't think it's hard to take care of..just get something in a darker color, if you really want vernis.
    The colors I've noticed problems with are the marshmallow (not the Petronia St. bag I have, but the keycase is a bit of a peach color now) and the peppermint (my wallet has these pink splotches on it from what, I have NO idea, and my mom's has dark brown edges from being in her rasperry alcantara lined bags.)
  12. I havent heard anything other than the color transfer from thermal papers (i.e. magazines and newspaper) and also the dye from jeans. however, some PF members mentioned something about discolorations from aging (fading, etc). I called LV regarding this because Im considering the purchase of a Perle Malibu Street and was afraid of the color change.. but the SA didn't know what I was talking about!!
  13. The lighter colors tend to discolor and they all are susceptible to color transfer. If I were to get something vernis, it would be a dark color.