Vernis Cosmetic Case?

  1. Does anyone know if the vernis cosmetic case (in violette, preferably) is hard to find or sold out? Just curious because I was thinking about trying to get one but I won't bother if it's impossible to find.

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. I was in the Louis Vuitton store in Short Hills, NJ today and they had a violette one..I was debating between that color, the red and the gold..I decided on the them up first thing tommorow, im sure they still have it...
  3. I just bought one on last week....I think they're around.
  4. Thanks for the info:smile:

    I had heard of people putting their Nintendo DS Lites into them, so I'm considering getting one for that purpose:shame:.

    Do any of you know if the DS Lite easily fits into it, even with a game sticking out of the bottom? And if there's enough room to put some extra cames into the case?
  5. rodeo drive in beverly hills, ca has or had some on sat

    so did the beverly center location in los angeles, ca
  6. Are they still available in London? The London LV website has sold out of them.
  7. My store has them in all the vernis colors (Charlotte, NC). I don't get the impression they've been selling as well as they thought they would.
  8. They're around, they're still online in the violette color.
  9. Portland OR had one left in Violette as of Saturday.

    Give 866 a call, they ought to be able to locate one for you.
  10. I'm kind of surprised to hear this- I had one in red but recently returned it because I spent far too much that trip to the boutique. I have one of the earlier DS models and I can't imagine one fitting into the cosmetic case! I would bet it would have to be a very tight fit! Good luck and let us know!
  11. i think i may have been the person who first posted about the DS in the cosmetic case. let me clarify, i own a DS Lite, not the original DS and it fits easily into the case, you could definitely fit additional games in the case, although not while housed in the cases that the games come in when you purchase them from the store (the big square ones). because the shape of the cosmetic case is larger at the base than at the zip top, it creates more room. the length of the zipper opening seems custom made for the length of the DS Lite. hope that helps. if anything compare the dimensions listed for the case on the LV site to your space needs.

    p.s. i just checked and i can fit my DS Lite AND my 32GB iPod Touch in the case no problem
  12. Thanks for all the info!

    The zipper doesn't scratch the DS, does it?

    Yeah, I checked the dimensions, but I never really trust them because sometimes things fit differently than would be expected, know what I mean? (I've noticed that some companies like to round off measurements in weird ways and stuff)

    Do the games fit if they're in those little plastic rectangle cases (the ones that hold 4 DS games or one GBA game (they come with some of the DS cases made by Nintendo))?

  13. The earlier models were thicker:yes:.

    I'm still not sure if I'm going to end up getting it...I want it, but I'm trying not to spend any money before I go on the shopping spree I've been saving up for:push:.

    Ugh, decisions....:s
  14. I saw the Amarante and Violette cosmetic cases at the Las Vegas LV (main) store at Fashion Show mall just the other day while I was visiting.