Vernis Colours Timeline

  1. I have been browsing through Ebay and noticed lots of different colours of Vernis bags. I know LV release and discontinue colours often so I was wondering if we could piece together a colour timeline. It may help people who are looking for Vernis too e.g. if the date code says it was made 2005 but the color was discontinued in 2004 we know its a fake.

    The only one I really know about is:-
    Red -discontinued 2006
  2. This page is great for vernis! It hasn't been updated, but is still good for older stuff.

    Here's the timeline from the page:
    1998: Baby blue (DISC in 2000), Orange (ltd edition, DISC), Beige
    1999: Silver (DISC), Rose Pink (baby pink, DISC in 2000), Lime Yellow (DISC 2000), Purple (DISC), Red
    2000: Yellow (DISC), Vernis Fleur Pink & Blue (DISC), Bronze
    2001: Special Edition Robert Wilson FLUO Line; neon pink/orange stripes, neon green/orange stripes, neon orange/fushcia stripes (DISC)
    2002: Special Edition Flower Lexington; Rose Pink, Black, Orange, & Beige (DISC)
    2003: Fuschia (DISC), Lavender (DISC)
    2004: Marshmallow (pale pink), Peppermint (soft green)
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  4. thanks for the info, that page is really useful.
  5. Yeah, I've bought all of my vernis stuff on info, so I did a bunch of research before I started buying anything! :biggrin:
  6. Indigo came out in 2005 and has been disc as well.
  7. Same with perle (was introduced the same time as indigo), which is still in the collection.
    Peppermint and Marshmallow have been discontinued, as with Red which was introduced in 2004 (the date code on my Biscayne Bay is March of 04.)
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  10. Bronze 2003
  11. did they make a beige vernis in 1999??
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  13. It was called Rouge. I own a Vernis bag from that time frame and it is a beautiful bright red. I have the Biscayne Bay PM in Rouge.