Vernis colour transfer to another vernis?

  1. I was a Hermes today and my SA there used to work at LV. When she saw me with my little brown LV bag she asked what I got and I told her I got a cles in the new vernis colour.

    She told me not to stick 2 vernis pieces together because the colour would tranfer. Anyone know if this is true? I've only heard about the colour tranfer with receipts, printed paper, etc, but not with other vernis pieces!

    If its true, I'd be worried because I have a Pomme Koala Wallet, and just bought my Amarante Cles, and I would just stick them all in my purse together where they could rub against each other or even end up on top of each other! :sweatdrop:
  2. I've had my Pomme French wallet and my Framboise Agenda in my bag together for a couple of months now and so far so good. In fact, I squeeze them both into a Lesportsac pouch together (so that they don't get scratched by the other mess in my bag) so they're in very close quarters.
  3. Hmm, but they are relatively close in colour. If the Amarante colour transfered onto the Pomme it'd be :cursing:!
  4. When I last went to LV, the SA said that as well - that there was danger of color transfer between two vernis pieces. I agree with rileygirl, I've had no color transfer between my pomme and framboise, but amarante I might be a little more cautious with? Still, pomme is pretty dark when compared to other vernis colors...just be careful, I guess!
  5. No problems here with peppermint and pomme!
  6. Anyone here have Amarante and Pomme in the same purse?
  7. the colours are pretty close in colour and they are both dark so i wouldnt wory about transfer but iv heard they can "stick" together slightly.
  8. I keep my smaller pomme and amarante Vernis pieces in their dustbags.
    It's pain to put back in, but I would rather be cautious than sorry. :p
  9. oh.. i was only told not to put vernis items with newspaper or magazines.. but not vernis with vernis... now i am scared.. :wtf:
  10. I can't stand so much maintenace so I returned my Amarante cles today!