vernis colour change ?

  1. Ok l know l'm not crazy but today l went to Harrods and ended up buying an item from the vernis range, when l looked at the colours l noticed that the beige (hazelnut) is at least 4-5 shades darker than it was when l first started getting the vernis items five years ago. I stopped with the beige when my items were getting darker after around six months so l started getting the other colours and never looked at the beige again until today. l asked the sa why they had changed the colour and she told me that it has never been changed so l told her that it was much darker than it was, she was still telling me that it had never been changed. To be honest the colour was a warm beige and my items started off a kind cool light beige. Has any one else noticed this?
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  2. Hi you posted in the wrong section dear..

    I thought LV made the "other " beige before this beige
  3. oh no, l thought l may have but please forgive me as it's my first ever post.
  4. This beige (noisette) is a new beige, different from the beige made a few years ago.