Vernis colors

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  1. Does LV ever do a color collection i.e. pomme and in a few months make additional pieces in that color? Or do they do just what comes out when they preview that color and that's it. Also, do the colors only stay for 6 months or so?
  2. Just about everything will be available in the Pomme d'Amour..there are certain styles that aren't being made in that color.
  3. ^^^I think everything in vernis, is available in pomme....unless we are forgeting someting?
  4. Well the Biscayne Bay isn't and neither is the Malibu St., unless those were just limited styles? But they came in more than one vernis color in the past.:shrugs:
  5. Just a note from calling up on 866-VUITTON the Mini Agendas WILL BE in available in the Pomme, BUT they aren't in any stores yet.

    It might be the same with the other pieces Rebecca mentioned.
  6. In the look book pic, only certain styles were available in pomme d'amour...I haven't heard anyone mention the pomme d'amour being made in styles such as Malibu street, biscayne bay, mott, minna street, etc.

    The Mini agenda was listed as one of the items to be available in pomme.