Vernis Color Transfer

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  1. Herro,

    My mom has a vernis zippy wallet that she's had for almost 10 years. She takes good care of it but it does have some color transfer. I took it into the LV boutique and they said they don't clean products. Is that true? Is there anything else LV can do to fix the color transfer? Thanks so much!
  2. They don't offer spa (cleaning) here in the UK at least.
    I might be able to help you. Can I see a picture of it?
  3. I don't have the wallet with me. Is there some sorta solution I can buy? Thanks!
  4. Once there's color transfer, it's pretty much going to stay on there.
  5. That's so depressing. We haven't gotten anything in Vernis since then...
  6. Nothing can be done as far as I know. Sorry!
  7. I agree, nothing can be done. It upsets me so much when I had receipt transfer on my spanking New rose indien vernis 6 Ring key holder, I kept it away for more than 6 months. Should have stuck to Epi or mono or DE print instead.

    My SA said unless you discover the Colour transfer almost instantly and rub it off right away, it's a done deal
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