Vernis Color Transfer?

  1. i hear a lot about color transfer w/vernis. i'm considering getting a wallet in raspberry. is this a bad idea? will it look gross/old/dirty quickly? i use my wallet A LOT. will i have to be paranoid of pen marks?
  2. In my experience with the fuchsias and framboise colors, those hold up the best. I use my fuchsia PTI ALL the time and it's perfect (I've used it for about 2 years.) You don't have to be paranoid about pen marks, just don't deliberately leave uncapped pens around it. I'd suggest the pens that you twist to show the ballpoint, but it's not a necessity.
    So you CAN use it and not be afraid, but just don't abuse it and you'll be fine :smile:
  3. I have a 2 year old red Ludlow and have experienced no colour transfer whatsoever. The only thing is I like to buff it gently with a soft cloth to keep it nice and shiny.
  4. I have a red vernis agenda I've had for 2 years, I keep a pen in it, and I have gotten pen marks on the interior - they don't come off. As for the color transfer talk, I treat my agenda like crap, lol. Seriously though, I throw it around with my school books and throw it into whatever bag I'm carrying with my keys, other books, articles, etc - I've had no color transfer. The outside looks like NEW. Honestly, of all my LV pieces it's held up the best - no peeling or cracking of the leather - it still shines like new, smells like new - no scratches etc. I wish my other pieces held up this well, my mono koala wallet is literally peeling along the sides. I feel like the mono line is the least durable line - JMHO though. ;)
  5. killerlife, vernis pieces hold up much better in richer colors like framboise or indigo. All the lighter colors (perle, noisette, marshmallow, and even my lavender) will have some form of color transfer in some point in time, depending on use.
  6. It's like anything, use it and enjoy it. It's when you get too paranoid that things happen. You just wouldn't want to leave it on newspaper in the sun:P
  7. thanks for your replies, everyone! :heart:
  8. I've seen it, I agree it happens but I think it's become less of an issue with the newer pieces. No transfer on my pieces, old and new. Although I am unsure how the Perle is working out for people.
  9. You shouldn't have any problems with the darker colors. I have heard that the lighter colors tend to discolor after some time, though.
  10. All Of Mine Have Stayed Pretty Much Perfect Besides One Wallet...Oh Well!
  11. my grey perle color bedford change because I left it in the sun :sad: it has a yellowish color now :sad:
  12. They discolor when you leave it out accidentally in the sun. Lighter colors shows this much more. I've seen what marks it could get and that's what's been putting me off from buying the Houston right now. I'd be too paranoid for it so it's not the bag for me right now.