Vernis color transfer???

  1. I understand that some of the lighter vernis colors are susceptible to color transfer. What about the other way around? Do the darker vernis colors transfer their color to other fabrics? I have a vernis zippy and was wondering if it's safe to carry it in my CB Retro that has the beige alcantara lining.
  2. oh don't worry, some light vernis color have problem of transfer on it but I've never heard about a color transfer in the opposite way.
    I always carry a pomme d'amour clé in my bags and I never had problem so far.
  3. This is true. But I went to see the new amarante colour in the Koala wallet and the darker colours show every fingerprint. Now I am torn..... because I am in love with amarante I think it is the best vernis colour so far.
  4. I've never heard of it going the other way.. that's a good point though, cause the material is porous, which could mean that it goes out and in. It seems to be only a one way thing though.. so far !
  5. my pomme cles goes with me everywhere. I've been using none stop since Feb and no issues.
    Its even been left in the car looped over my bag and no transfer.

  6. I don't think the color will transfer the other way. It should be fine!
  7. It will be fine. Enjoy!!!