Vernis Color Transfer to Epi?

  1. Hello everyone. :smile:
    I am considering getting a Vernis Key and Change Holder ( a cles ) to put on my black Epi Speedy as a purse charm. I want to spruce it up with some Pomme d'Amour. Or any of the available colors on Eluxury. Perle or Noisette.
    :confused1: My question is... concerning the "color transfer" issue with Vernis, do you think that the color would rub off on my black Speedy? Or the black would get on the cles? :shrugs: What would be the best color to get? I heard that the darker colors have less transfer.
    TIA for all of your opinions and help :heart:
  2. Well I have the Pomme d'Amour cles, and i have it hanging from my black leather Dolce and Gabbana bag.
    So far there has been no colour transfer!
    It looks as beautiful as the day I got it
  3. I've hang either pomme or rouge cles on Azur since last nov and nothing happen to either vernis pieces. Color xfer is possible when direct contact w/ink such as magazine and news paper.
  4. As Classic Chic said, color transfer only occurs from printed things like newspapers or magazines, not from bag to bag.
  5. Oh, I see.:idea: I have just read threads where someone's jeans rubbed off on their Vernis bag. So, I thought maybe other materials could do the same.
    Thanks so much for your help. :flowers: :flowers:
  6. Someone at Louis Vuitton OUGHT to know this. I would ask in store or give them a call. It shouldn't be hard to find out.