Vernis & Color transfer pics...

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  1. Ok i have searched the threads and there are TONS of posts with reference to color transfer on lighter vernis items but I have only come across one pic (the grey item that has turned yelllow- but that seems more like an exposure problem) that really is not about transfer. If there is anyone with pics of an example of color transfer on vernis items can you please post pics! I am thinking of buying a handbag in a lighter color and this is why I am asking. TIA
  2. Any patent leather that is light, especially whites, beiges, yellow ...any light color patent leather can have color transfter problems. It is the nature of patent leather, which is why they always tell you to get black if you get patent or a very dark color. I'm unsure of the quality of Vuitton's patent. It seems average. But regardless of the brand, light patent leather is a problem. It will also show scratches easily. So if you must be very careful with any light patent bag. Do not put it down on newspapers/books/print it will pick up the ink from print. Do not put it down on dark color fabrics for example denims will rub right off on any light patent bag and it will be ruined. And do not put a light patent bag near a dark leather bag, it can pick up it's color. If you wear red cotton linen or denim and wear a light patent, it will rub off. Just be very cautious ...if not go for a black patent or very dark color that won't show. Light reds, pinks, light greens ....all have the same problem. With black even if it transfers you really won't see it. Color cannot be taken out once it transfers ...
  3. Not so easy to see on the picture, but here's my Pearl cles with black color transfer, it got ink-marks on the other side.. :sad:

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  4. Thanks for the photo SaraDK.

    Is this prominent mostly in lighter Vernis'?

    I've been searching the forum for many responses on the colour transfers, but as far as I know, the darker colours seem to be ok...
  5. ^ Darker colours are less susceptible, but it is still possible for them to pick up colours.