Vernis color transfer from Mono?

  1. Okay, sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there any way that Monogram can transfer onto Pomme Vernis? I've been taking off my Pomme heart everytime, but I'd love to keep it on all the time. I'm worried about the color transfer. :shrugs:

    Can anyone give me any insight? Thanks!
  2. Not that I know of..the only thing that really transfers on to Vernis is print (i.e. newsprint, ink, etc.). I keep my Pomme on my mono bags and it's doing well. Besides, the mono canvas is coated so there isn't anything that will bleed onto the Vernis anyway. :yes:
  3. This is good to know, Rebecca! So glad you are here on the PF to give us newbies lots of good information!!!!
  4. Thanks Rebecca! I didn't think that it would transfer, but I didn't want to chance it!:smile:
  5. I love vernis but I really doubt about buying something because of the colour transfer...
  6. When I got my first piece of vernis, I was really worried about this, so I emailed Louis Vuitton and asked them specifically if the mono canvas would transfer onto the vernis. Well, at first they didn't want to say "NO" it will not, they kept hedging about it. I kept replying to the guy and saying just tell me yes or no, will it transfer? Finally, he did send back a reply saying NO the mono canvas will NOT transfer onto the vernis!
  7. You're welcome pursenut and colleen!!