Vernis Color Reference

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  1. aww thank you! :blush:

    yeah, I would figure that framboise will be around until the end of the year or when the new color comes out.
  2. Is Pomme D'Amour the new color? It looks so pretty. I just checked it out in eLUXURY.
  3. OH, and btw, thanks for the thread. This is very helpful. ^^
  4. Wow - thank you for taking the time to provide such a valuable resource! I was wondering about the different shade nuances - much appreciated!
  5. im always back here, but id give anything for a cles in EVERY color! wouldnt that be TDF?
    if only i was ten years older, i would probably haveone in each color!
  6. Thanks so much for this thread anotheremptysky, it's so helpful!
  7. Thank you for putting all of this info together :flowers:

    I love the purple vernis colour! I would love something in epi in this colour.
  8. this thread is so useful!! thanks everyone for the input!
  9. Now I'm in the right place!

    I'm gonna get mott in red and I have a few guestions. Avoid fakes. :yucky:

    -color of the interior lining these red ones
    -is there any diffrences in different year like lining, hardware etc
    -where is it made

    More information please :shame:
  10. wowoo thank for sharing this info ^_^
  11. i replyed to your other thread and it really isnt neccesary to post the same thing twice. the date code will differ in red motts because it was produced over a number of years. this thread should give you an idea of what to look for in a real one.
  12. this is awesome!! thank you so much!

    is there a new pink too? raspberry?
  13. Yes it's framboise :smile: love that color
  14. Sorry I'm new here and some one said it could be better to post my guestion here so that's why there is a 2 same thing. :s
  15. this is really good info, thanks!