Vernis Color Reference

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  1. Love this thread!!!
  2. I love it... I want an indigo cles now :biggrin:
  3. i wonder if we can all post our bags until we get a bag with every color..
  4. does anyone know when the framboise color will be discontinued for sure?
  5. WOW!!! there are colors i've never seen in my life!!
  6. Great reference! Thank you for all your work!!
  7. thank you for doing this :smile:
  8. I'd really like to get the answer to this as well!
  9. I didn't know they were discontinuing the framboise???
  10. thanks for that link!
  11. I'm sooo thankful for this thread. Now I know I'm not crazy when I see this woman who shops at my mall with her black Houston. Faux is so TACKY!!!

    The colors are so beautiful! Makes me wish I had been more agressive about getting things from earlier lines! Just got the Framboise Coeur yesterday for V-Day. Totally love!!

  12. thanks ! Loves it
  13. WOW! Thanks! And the Pomme is S E X Y !!!
  14. all vernis colors are produced for a limited time, if i'm not mistaken?
  15. agreed. given the approximate timelines that anotheremptysky has posted for each of the vernis colours, I imagine framboise will only be around for a year, perhaps two years at most.


    anotheremptysky you are F A B U L O U S ! ! !

    : )