Vernis Color - Pomme or Framboise??

  1. Which color do you prefer for a wallet? I'm torn between the two....I love both colors but I can only choose one =(
  2. pomme is soo beautiful!!
  3. Pomme!
  4. framboise is more fun, pomme is classier
  5. Pomme hands down... it just screams Sexyness. :tup:
  6. oooh I know how you feel ... love both colors! I'd say get both, but if you can't ... the framboise for now ... since it's discontinued. The pomme supposedly will be around for a little while.
  7. pomme all the way
  8. Pomme.
  9. Fraaaaaaammmmmboooise!

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE pink :smile:
  10. She's said it all ;)
    Framboise all the way
  11. pomme!
  12. Pomme! it's a more timeless color and matches other colors better... :smile:
  13. :yes::yes::yes: Do they still have some left?
  14. Framboise! I have the french purse in this color and always get tons of compliments on it!:yes:
  15. Pomme:love: