Vernis Cles...

  1. In the new hot red Yes or no? I want something small to hang on my bags, Or should i go for the groom cles/ round. I'm totally loving the mono cles and will use it until its over used. Best buy ever!!
  2. YES YES YES ! The New Candy Apple Red it HOT HOT HOT!
  3. I love the pomme d'amour cles. It's seriously hot!! I'd love to get one to hang on my bag.
  4. I have one and it looks great on my mono and my damier bags. the red is really beautiful!
  5. ^^ have you posted pic's of it on your bags ?
  6. There is no rond, but the cles is hot!
  7. love mine..but the heart in pomme might be cuter as a bag charm?
  8. I agree!
  9. sorry, had to take with flash so the red doesn't look so pomme....but like i said looks great with mono and damier! looks cute on my mono bh too (sorry no pix).
    damier n cles.jpg mono n cles.jpg
  10. that's gorgeous, RILEYGIRL! i love the way red looks against brown... just livens it up a lot, just the way the cherries did for the monogram in the cerises line!
  11. It will depend on the style and model of your bag.
  12. Pomme! (I should be getting mine tomorrow!!) Go for it! I hear it 'makes ya happy just looking at it!" Think of the therapy $ you'll save by owning it!:yahoo:
  13. Pomme is hot! I'm not a red person, but I love love it!
  14. def. a great color!
  15. Pomme is hot! hot hot!!!