vernis cles size...

  1. Is the vernis cles just has big has the mono cles??? Thanks
  2. vernis is similar in measurement but has less of a capacity because of the way it is put together so it's a little tighter to fit things in....
  3. It is a bit thinner, it can not hold as many cards.
  4. LOL, you beat me to the ounch ;)
  5. what's the cles you can fit the most in? :confused1:

    I'm thinking about getting one, but I'm not sure which would be the most use-able one? :shame:
  6. Lola you have both how your vernis lilac or perle cannot tell with the is you use your mono cles for everyday and the vernis when you dress up...I have the mono but, I am thinking a vernis cles may be nice to switch things up a little...the perfo cles is nice too...I think I like them all....thanks
  7. the perfo cles has the largest capacity
  8. my vernis cles is beige, I have 7, I use them everyday, I really don't use my mono canvas anymore, I've had it for like 10 years.....
  9. Wow Lola nice cles collection...your mono looks like new...I like the perfo the green really bright in real life???
  10. thanks for letting me know :flowers:
  11. the color thei picture is showing on my computer is pretty true, it's bright but not SUPER bright, kinda like a sharp grass green or something....I liked the orange too, but already had the orange epi.....since green and orange are two of my favorite colors I figured I'd go for the it's a nice contrast against my orange epi speedy too!
  12. The vernis Cles is smaller but it's cuter than heck! Talk about a nice burst of color to make you smile...

    I so need a fucshia one....
  13. Goldernleopardlady I love the red that the current red/rouge is stunning and love red!!!
  14. Thanks LVPug. Yep, that's the current rouge that I know of... I am so red too. Is there any other color in the world? Heeheehee.
  15. Just purchased my first cles lavender vernis from Rebeccalou28. Can't WAIT to receive it.