Vernis cles price in Canada ?

  1. How much is the vernis cles in canada? just wondering ...TIA:smile:
  2. As of September 2006, it was 215.00 CAD. But not sure if it has been increased by 7%?? It might of been affected with the recent price increase. :smile:
    Are you thinking of getting one?
  3. yeah i am thinking of getting one ....but its kind of a complicated dilemma either gonna get the mono ludlow wallet and the vernis cles...or the vernis ludlow wallet and the mono cles and i was trying to figure which combo would be the least expensive because i would love both anyway !
  4. does anyone have any ideas on which combination would be better in the long run ? :smile:
  5. I would go for a Vernis Ludlow, and Mono Cles. As its more Vernis. But I don't know if this helps being less expensive. As the Vernis Ludlow would be more than the Mono Ludlow. But I also wanted to add, maybe you might love the Vernis Cles. So I see your dilemma. :crybaby:
  6. haha ill start a new thread about it !
  7. I was at HR a few days ago and I THINK it's still $215.