Vernis Cles or something else for Bus. cards?

  1. I bought a pomme cles intending to use it for business cars, but the opening is a little tight. Do any of you use the cles for this purpose or do you use something else? Is there anything slightly bigger in pomme vernis that I could get? I guess it doesn't have to be pomme, but something that looks nice with my damier speedy 30, and pomme koala wallet.

  2. How about the Mono card holder? It's $140:

  3. try Perfo Cles, they hold a ton! or wapity.
  4. One of these would work

    Monogram Credit Card Holder-$125

    Business Card Holder-$170

    Or any larger Cles like the Mono, Damier, Damier Azur, Perfo, Charms, Groom, etc.
  5. I like the monogram or damier business card holder. The cles is a bit awkward to put business cards in because it doesn't hold as much (especially the vernis) and it scrapes the business cards when you try to put in or pull out.
  6. This is exactly my problem. I've got cards in it now...maybe about 10. But they'll probably get scratched when I try to take them out. The Pomme is just so pretty tho and my business cards are pink and red!:love:
  7. I have the cc holder, it fits a ton! And it is sooo pretty!
  8. ^^ Ohh, pretty business cards! :graucho:
  9. Well...maybe if you want to spend more, you can get a Pomme or Framboise Ludlow?

  10. yeah I was thinking about getting the ludlow. It would be nice to have anyway, for those times when you need a smaller wallet. And, it's pretty.:cutesy:
  11. i dont think ludlows will hold business cards or at least not enough. i just bought a red epi business card holder on eBay for that reason. i was also thinking of an mc carnet de bal. there are very few things i think can hold a bunch of buisness cards. i wanted a cozy but it's too small...
  12. I do agree with you, but once it gets used it will soften a little. I bought one a few weekends ago and tried using it as i do my mono one and cant. Like you its too stiff and harder to get in and out of. Although I did get it with the intentions of mainly using to hang off my bag.

    I have a monogram one that i keep cards in and my keys attached too and it works great. You might want to either get a business card holder or go for a mono/damier / mini lin cles for your cards..
  13. I use the older version of this and it's perfect, I also put a few cards in my cles so I always have one or two on me......
  14. I bought my pomme cles simply because it's eye candy! I did try sticking my ID and debit card in there, and that's already a bit of a squeeze. I figure I'll use the cles if I'm going out on the town and don't need more than my house key, ID, and a debit card or some cash.

    I'm liking the mono card holder. It seems perfect for business cards, and it's not as pricey and other LV accessories.
  15. wait, is it worth it? because if the pomme cles isnt worth it then i should return it and get a mini lin or something for cheaper...
    or is it truly GORGEOUS?