Vernis Cles in Framboise

  1. I really want one and I really regret not getting one when it was released. Is there any way I can get one now? Also, if anyone comes across on on eBay, please PM me and let me know!!
  2. In addition to eBay, you can also try let-trade. Good Luck!
  3. There are some seriously overpriced BIN ones on eBay
  4. Can you post the links please, I can't seem to find them :sad:
  5. They pop up on eBay once in awhile. Don't see any on eBay right now.
  6. Yeah sometimes I see some on eBay too. Really pricey!
  7. thanks for posting the links, bootilicious! :flowers:

    they really are very pricey :sad:
  8. the cles retail for 210.00 us dollars now. the last one on ebay is a good deal imo!
  9. It's a good deal but not so much for the condition it's in :sad:
  10. Both of the auctions posted are of the Fuschia cles, not Framboise. Fuschia vernis tends to be more rare and sought after, so that explains the high price.
  11. Thanks for clarifying :flowers:, I thought I was wrong (thinking that they were two different colors) so I didn't say anything about it being Fuschia. :shame: Anyway, if anyone sees a Framboise cles, please LMK! THANKS!! ;)
  12. fuschia has been long gone, framboie was recently discontinued.