vernis Cles in Beige ??

  1. Hi, Has anyone ever seen a Vernis Cles in Beige ??...I was looking thru one of my old catalogues before and was suprised to see beige as a colour choice for the vernis cles. I have saw Vernis beige bags but not so much accessories. If you have any pics...please post ! :flowers:
  2. oo beige?! that sounds hot.
  3. I believe I saw one on eBay about a month ago. Not noisette, but beige.
  4. Yeah it does exist but they're harder to come by. I believe back then the pieces were made in fewer quantities than they are today. I have the beige Houston but that's it.
  5. I like the beige more than the noisette, it's so shimmery and sparkly, kind of like framboise rather than fuchsia! I used to have a ludlow.
  6. I saw a beige cles on eBay a long time ago, so they're out there. Don't see too much of beige on the whole though.